Please help us help others and honey bees get a second chance. Contribute to our Indiegogo campaign and if you cannot, then please share it with everyone you know. Giving people and honey bees a second chance.

Welcome to Peace Bees, the web home of The Bee Girl, Alex Lesniak who is also the 2007 Indiana Young Beekeeper of the Year and the 2011 Indiana Honey Princess. This is also a starting point to learn more about the 2014-2015 USDA SARE Grant FNC14-957. Our goal is to the supply the best product possible while bringing honey bees and people together in peace. Through our educational programs we teach sustainable beekeeping methods and environmental stewardship. The peaceful honey bee has so much to offer that we are expanding to bring their calming, therapeutic, nature to the community. We believe that everybody deserves a second chance.

Most people do not realize that the honey bee is a peaceful creature.  All they want to do is collect nectar and pollen and will only sting if provoked.  
One third of our food supply depends on the honey bee. These wonderful creatures are vital to a healthy and diverse food supply. So think twice about swatting at the errant bee that flies your way, and show a little love for the peaceful honey bee.

Save the bees, save your food and bee the change.