Public classes are taught in cooperation with our friends at The Unity Gardens at their office 702 Chapin St. or 3701 Prast Blvd. South Bend, IN
Classroom Sessions

Beginning Beekeeping Classes are back

January 24 and February 28
Beekeeping I   10:00
Beekeeping II  12:00
Beekeeping III   2:00

St. joseph County Public Library Main Branch

To register for public classes, please visit The Unity Gardens' Beekeeping Page.

Custom Private Sessions available upon request starting at $35 per hour. Please inquire by email or phone here

Hands on Sessions in the Apiary
(Times and Locations tba)

  • Opening your hive in the spring 
  • Loading a new hive 
  • First check of your hew hive 
  • Summer hive checks
  • Harvesting from your hive
  • Getting your hive ready for winter