Ag Days 2011

posted Mar 28, 2011, 5:54 PM by Alex Lesniak
Whew, day 1 of AG days is over. Will get the official count tomorrow but talked to over 500 students plus teachers & a few families! Fun day. :-)

Day 2 of AG days is in the bag. Still do not have the count of students from yesterday but today we went through 500+ honey tastes today! Safe to say thousands of people came by the booth today and I barely have a voice. Day 3 tomorrow and hope to see another great turnout. Peace, Love and Honey Bees!

Day 3 of Ag Days was nearly as busy as 1 & 2.  We also found that we are not that good at estimating visitors.  It was a record attendance with over 3600 kids going through the stations.  Counting teachers, chaperons, parents and tagalongs, it is safe to say over 4000 people came by our table.  What a great weekend for spreading the word about honey bees.