The Bee Girl

Hi, I am Alex Lesniak, The Bee Girl. I was the 2007 Indiana Young Beekeeper of the Year and the 2011 Indiana Honey Princess.

Actually, this is a picture of me some years ago with my first honey bee hive. A lot has happened since that first hive. I started beekeeping as a 4-H project. My Granddad knew someone that was a beekeeper and 4-H leader so he asked me if I wanted to learn about honey bees and do it for 4-H. I am always interested in doing new things, especially involving 4-H, and beekeeping sounded fun so I said yes! I guess I have some good bees and live in the right place because I have won my county Grand Champion many times but this site is not about winning ribbons or prizes.

I love my bees and know how important they are to the environment and our food supply. Did you know that honey bees are responsible for 1/3 of our food supply? Think about it this way, that is one meal of your day that might go away if the honey bees disappeared! Since 2006, honey bee colonies have been in trouble and scientists call it CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder among many other names. No matter what you call it, honey bees and other pollinators are in decline. Bees are so important that I wanted to tell everyone I could about them so they would know that they are gentle, and not to be afraid of them. I wanted to do my part to help educate the public about the amazing honey bee and began sharing information festivals and events talking to the public. I wanted to help people understand honey bee decline and what they could do to help save them from disappearing. Another idea was to talk to grade school children and teach them what I know about bees so they would not grow up afraid or misunderstanding them. To do this I created the Peace Bees activities for kids. Unfortunately, I cannot be everywhere people want me to be so I created this website so teachers and anyone interested could have access to some of the same activities I use.

I hope you enjoy my website, the links to other sites and activities you can find here among the pages. Managing a website takes time so come back often to see if I have added more information, links and activities. Remember…

Save the bees, save your food and bee the change!

Alex, The Bee Girl