We would like to thank all of the people who have helped us spread the word of the gift of honey bees:

  • Willard Phipps, for being more than my mentor and giving me your passion for honey bees. Without you, none of this would be possible. You will always bee with me.
  • Henry Harris, for making all the wonderful interactive contraptions and mini hives to use with kids at functions.
  • Danny Slabaugh, Roger Lawson, Jim Curlee, and Jim Kendall, for the various items, ideas and support
  • Michiana Beekeepers Association members, who have donated items, ideas, and words of encouragement. Forgive me if I missed someone by name, you are all dear to me.
  • Randy Richards for his wonderful "Honeybees in the Classroom" play.
  • The Indiana Beekeepers Association for believing I am worthy of the 2007 Young Beekeeper of the Year.
  • The Indiana State Beekeepers Association for for honoring me as your 2011 Honey Princess.
  • Tim Ives for your friendship, support, encouragement, grant partnership and amazing bee genetics.
  • The Unity Gardens - Sara and Mitch have been such great partners and supporters of our work.